09 March, 2012


I have been trying to think of a good blog post, because I haven't
blogged and I'm succumbing to the peer pressure of all of my friends
blogging. What friends of mine are blogging? Well, let me share with

My sister, Casey, blogs at My Adventures in Treasure Hunting:
She writes about coupons, does giveaways, and talks about her DIY
projects. It's really cool!

My friend Colleen blogs at Scrap and Run:
She writes about running, her everyday life, does daily outfit posts,
and has guest bloggers. She posts a ton of statistics about her
exercise goals and you can check out her outfits back to, I think,
2005. How cool is that?

And recently, Aubrey, who used to run my work gym, started Wine,
Women, and Other Wonderful Subjects:
She writes about loving yourself, relationships, and empowerment. It's
a good read!

And I haven't written a proper post lately. I'm working on another
length-to-be-determined writing project, which I'm excited about. I
still haven't sent out "DREAD" because I am paranoid about failing
(mostly I just am a coward about taking risks with my writing), and
also because I have no idea how to write a synopsis.

My health has been in the gutter. I would write about that, but,
seriously, I know people do not want to hear that.

I have been very busy with school. I am taking Conflict Resolution and
Negotiation, and Effective Speech. They are hard as hell. I have been
working super hard on them, but feel kind of exhausted after every
assignment. Apparently, these assignments are nothing compared to the
things the engineers at work had to do, so when I'm frustrated about
it, I don't really have anyone to talk to, because gosh, it's just not
as hard as what other people did, or no one has had similar
experiences. I am taking sculpture this summer, to balance out taking
Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which sounds fascinating but
also sounds hard as hell. It's very applicable to work though, and
since I am vaguely considering moving into something for Human
Performance & Organizational Development, it fits my tentative goals.

I want to write about interesting things. I want to write creatively,
but I know I'm not good enough to do creative writing on a regular
basis on a blog. I'd like to write about women's issues or science
stuff, but they're so political it's stupid. I don't like writing
about politics.

I went to Gettysburg and will eventually post photos from that because
even though they're phone pictures, we had beautiful weather and I'm
proud of what I can do with a phone camera. I also want to eventually
review Cafe Saint Amand in Gettysburg and the Lodges at Gettysburg
because they were awesomesauce, but that takes time, so I've been

I've been playing the original "Trine" game, and it's fantastic. Also,
you should check out "Snuggle Truck". I've been kicking butt any time
I play Civ 5 because I play on easy and go for a cultural victory. I
haven't played Arkham Asylum in a bit because I needed some happy
feelings and it's depressing. I'm still reading the New 52 and loving
some of it. Yay, geeking out!

This is too long.


Edit: Had to fix a spelling error.


  1. I understand about story paralysis: when you have something done but you're so terrified it sucks that you just want to shove it in a drawer and sit very still until the mad blushing goes away. I'm so there. And I don't have any advice for moving on or submitting, just a brief reminder that "Dread" is good stuff. I enjoyed it thoroughly. *hugs*

    1. Super belated reply... But yeah, it's still difficult. I haven't submitted yet (in part because I can't write a synopsis. Yay for not being an actual writer.). I'm working on the other story, though!