30 January, 2012

Hockey and Sidney Crosby

I rarely, if ever, watch sports of any kind in Pittsburgh. I like a few of the Steelers - Polamalu & Keisel, and sometimes Hines Ward - but most of the time it's an "eh" situation. However, Sidney Crosby is the only thing that ever got me interested in hockey (aside from my interest in people punching other people). I think Sid is an awesome, awesome person, and consider him to be a prodigy. 

This post reminded me of that. It's absolutely devastating to me that Sid might not ever play hockey again. He is amazing at it, and he deserved to have the happiness and success that comes with doing something he's good at and that he loves. He is a generous person, and I am just really hoping that he gets better, and that he can maybe play again. It's just not fair to see a talent like his be lost, and to see someone so fantastic lose his dream. 

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  1. I don't pay attention to hockey and only briefly heard about Sid, but what I did hear reminded of me of when Lemieux hurt is back and there was talk of his career being over and we had just won 2 Stanley cups. He did end up coming back but not for long. (PS I was 7 or so when this happened so it reminding me of it might be totally wrong but it reminded me none the less)