15 February, 2011

In the News

A couple of new news releases:

Vegans' Elevated Heart Risk Requires Omega-3s and B12, Study Suggests - I understand that people have different preferences, and they're entitled to them. However, I have to wonder if it ever occurs to people who follow a vegan diet that with all these issues and all the lacking nutrients, maybe they should consider just eating some fish or something. Is it worth dying to follow a diet that probably doesn't even affect the overall intake of meat in the world?

Deal reached over Tunisia exodus - It's good to see this is finally coming to resolution. Gosh, it's been going on and the media hasn't really been following the issue too closely, so I had to do a little research to understand the situation. Ace quote here, though: 
"France's position is not to reward illegal immigration," Laurent Wauquiez, the country's European affairs minister, said.
Maybe more countries could look at that statement. 

Lawsuit claims Pentagon turned blind eye to military rape victims - This has been an issue for a really, really long time. The amount of sexual harassment and rape in the military is completely appalling. I hope they win this lawsuit, and I hope that this has an impact - there is so much sexual harassment training in the military, SO MUCH, but it doesn't matter how much you do training or talk about it if you're not willing to do something about it. It's the same as with mental health issues - talk about it all you want, but if you ridicule someone or turn a blind eye when they're suffering, you're not doing the right thing and the blood is on your hands.

On a similar topic, I'm really enjoying listening to Rand Paul and what he's putting out there in the Senate. His budget proposal is a courageous suggestion, and I wish that people would at least listen to some of it! I'm not really on his side on abortion, although I do agree it's not a federal issue even in the slightest and that federal funds shouldn't pay for it,  and I'm not totally with him on some other issues, too. Mostly I agree with ensuring things are not on a Federal level and instead on a state level. 

So that's my news today!

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