04 August, 2010


When J. Wesley and I got married over four years ago, we had a lot of rough roads ahead of us with his deployment and the following struggles with unemployment, career planning, college, and my health. Over the past couple years, we eventually migrated our anniversary celebration from March 3 to August 20. We did this for financial reasons, really - we have birthdays and holidays all in one bunch through February and March, so it got too expensive. August 20 is approximately when we met in 2003. 

So, it's only fitting that today I was thinking of our wedding vows, while trying to plan our celebration for our anniversary (probably going to be kinda cheap this year). I like to share what I'm thinking about, so below are the vows that he and I wrote for our wedding. I hope you enjoy them.

TGW's Vows:

I will work with you with you to make your dreams come true.
I will always be there for you, no matter how far away I am.
I will protect you with all my strength.
I will never give up on you.
I will be true to you, no matter what happens.
I will ask forgiveness when I wrong you, and forgive you when you wrong me.
I will always Love you.

Brie's Vows:
I will keep you steadfast in the face of any weather.
I will be faithful to you as your wife, confidante, and friend.
I will strive to be close to you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
I will comfort you when you are sad, and rejoice with you when you are happy.
I will challenge you.
I will work with you to achieve your dreams.  
I will love you deeply and truly, as I have, forever, through death and all things.

I think they're still true, and I think that we've done a pretty good job keeping to them. These mean the most to me of anything I've ever said.

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