04 August, 2010

New Logo! On Personal Branding.

My awesome husband over at Thrice-A-Week has produced a personal brand logo for me, which you can now see at the top of my blog. Isn't it wonderful?

The feeling of this logo being constantly in motion - bouncing over my thoughts - the infinity symbols (or eights?) in the triangle (a symbol of power) bound together but still free to move is just very much, in my mind, what I was looking for. He captured it perfectly. I was very excited when I saw the completed product, and I am looking forward to soon putting these on my personal business card.

Why have a personal business card?

Contrary to what many corporate personalities I've seen can do, and following the advice of career blogs worldwide, everyone should have a personal brand. What do you do? Are you an artist? An engineer? An expert in change management? 

It's great to have a company business card - you do (in corporations), after all, often work for major corporations and work directly with customers. You want them to see your name and see your company and recognize you as a contact in that company. That's all well and good.

There's more to it, though. What if you leave that company? Will you carry on your old business cards until you move to a new position or change professions? What if you do something other than your current profession or occupation? What if you do freelance work or sell Avon? 

On top of that, if you do want to always have people ringing you up for help (pro-bono or otherwise) and you want to be a point of contact, you need to be memorable. Being a point of contact is fantastic. You want to be seen as knowledgeable in the area you focus on. You want to be an expert. The person who gets shit done. That's what I aim for, and I think everyone should.

When someone has a problem that I might be able to fix - or I might know how to find out how to fix it - I want them to call me. Why? Because it makes me a point of contact. It makes me the person they rely on to help them. It makes me happy to help. As an admin, my entire job is finding out how to help and how to fix problems. I get shit done. It's what I do. And now, I'm making it my life priority, not just my corporate priority.

I do more than just type and make copies. I think of new ways to do things. I can't always implement them, but I hope to someday. I want to be a driving force for change in the world someday. I can't promise it will work out, but I'll sure as hell try, in my own way. I might not always be where I am working now, and I need to know that I can go from there. I even made up a slogan:

"Support through unboxed thinking."* 

That's what I want people to think when they think of me. I help. I do things. I get it done as quickly as I can, with the best results I can, and not necessarily in a conformed way. I try to innovate. I try to break boundaries. That is who I want to be and what I want to do, and I want people to know that.

And that's it. That's what you want to do. You want people to see something and think of you. You want people to think of you, and know what you do. Personal branding is exactly that - you, and what you do, and how you do it. How awesome is that? With just a small thing, you can be your own business. It's freaking sweet. 

So that is what I am doing with this logo. This slogan. This identity - "Thoughty." - this is me. I want to know - do you have a personal brand? Who are you?

*Slogan © Brianna C. Sheldon 2010. Unauthorized reproduction strictly prohibited. 

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