10 August, 2010

Follow up

Part 2!

To follow up on the first post. Before you read this one, read this one. Digest it. Comment if you want. Be judgy if you prefer. But let your thoughts go. Know where your boundaries lie in friendship. Know what you want when it comes to a friend.

Now sit back and think about it:
Who are your friends? I asked it once before, and I ask it again. This time, not your best friend, not the one you share everything with, but the people who you want to keep close.

Who are the people you truly enjoy spending time with? The kind of people who you can call any time and just hang out - talk or play games or watch movies or have dinner, and when you're done, you don't feel like it was a trial. You don't feel emotionally drained or hurt or left out. You don't feel like all the effort was yours, but don't feel like you just took advantage, either. You feel like, "wow, that was a pretty good time!" instead of "that was okay." after you part ways.

The people that you call to hang out sometimes three times a week just because you're both free, and Fern Gully won't watch itself. These are the people who can laugh at themselves and laugh at each other without it seeming cruel or judgmental. If a problem happens, you fix it, because you're friends, and that's what friends do. You can talk serious stuff, but you don't have to, and when you're sad, you don't want counseling, you just want to get your mind off things, and they're good for that. 

These aren't the people who know all of your secrets.
These aren't the people who tell you all of their secrets.
Sometimes they're busy, or sometimes you're unavailable.
But they like you, and you like them, and you have fun together.

The expectations are clear: 
Be reliable.
Have fun.

Is that too much?


  1. you're right, girl... Fern Gully won't watch itself! "Yo, the name is Batty! The logic is erratic, potato in a jacket, toys in the attic..."

  2. Word. It took me like 15 minutes to determine that this was you, btw.