09 January, 2010

Listen to the bad music

I resisted the urge to post within the past week because I didn't want to post about drama - and I knew I would, being hurt and angry, but now I'm just relieved, and done with it. I realise it doesn't even matter, because I bet my husband is the only one who reads this blog, but oh well.

Work has been busy, which is a relief. I hate it when there's nothing to do. School starts up soon, which gives me something to focus on. I am getting back to reading more often, which is cool. I have no real interests (at least none I can do anything about), though, other than video games and geeky stuff, so it makes it hard to keep busy. I won't be gaming anymore, really, except with The Great Wesley. I started playing L4D with some friends, and Dragon Age is still a huge draw on my time, so that's cool, but I feel like I need something more - something just for me. I tried work friends, but that never pans out. Regular friends don't really, either, so whatevs, I can deal with just being myself.

The Secret Me has been going okay - I've been a cougar (the animal... well, most of the day), a cloud, and a few other things lately. I'm going to be a sabre tooth on Monday, I think, and stick with the prehistoric thing for the rest of the week - mastadon, Ankylosaurus Magniventris, triceratops, nothosaur. Maybe build up some defenses.

Why do I feel like I need a vacation now more than before?

The weather has done a number on Pittsburgh. People drive like idiots as soon as snow hits the ground, and it's ridiculous - the last few days, I didn't break 40mph on my way home. This weather? I could do without.

TGW has been reading me Memories of the Future, and it's awesome. It makes me laugh, and that makes the day better every day.


  1. So is TGW a Brie only nick-name, or can I steal it? >_>

  2. I think you're allowed to steal it, so long as you're comfortable calling him The Great.