05 August, 2011

Embrace the Cute

There was a super long period of time in which I determined that I absolutely hated cute things because cute things represented girliness and femininity and those things were bad. It didn't matter if I enjoyed them or thought that they were cute, I would still hate the idea of them and I hated people knowing I liked them. They were a sign of immaturity, and being girly on its own is a weakness, let alone with the added negative of childishness.
It's a shame.
It's where my hatred for pink developed - a hatred I'm slowly getting rid of by reframing pink. But recently...
Well, anyone on the meme-side of the internets or who watches Colbert Report regularly has heard of "Bronies" and Bill Clinton+NPR fans may have heard Past-Pres. Clinton discussing "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".
This show. Is. So. FANTASTIC.
I had been observing Bronies memes on memebase for a while, and finally just broke down and watched an episode on Youtube, and now I can't stop watching it (I'm on ep. 14). I suggest to everyone to take a half hour and watch an episode, and just give it a chance.
It's made by the people who made Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Including Lauren Faust, who is awesome), and it's hilarious. I laugh out loud regularly watching it, and the jokes are sometimes more grown up, and sometimes just outright good ageless humor. And get this:
It is freakin' CUTE.
There is pink and purple and cupcakes and sparkles and flowers and tiaras and it is just girly goodness all around with princesses and dresses and magic AND IT IS STILL AWESOME. I have had so much fun watching this show and even though some scenes have nigh-blinding amounts of sparkling gooeyness, I still love it - and so do all the Bronies. 
Twilight Sparkle (the main character) is kind of a tool, but has her funny moments, like literally standing on a soapbox to talk about how awesome magic is.
Applejack is awesome, but Apple Bloom is way cuter and more hilarious.
I love Fluttershy - she's adorable and shy.
Rainbow Dash is a dick, but yeah, rainbows. <3
Rarity is awesome and there's something about a pony sewing that makes me giggle. 
And Pinkie Pie. OMG PINKIE PIE. So random - and it's said multiple times in the show - and it's awesome that when she breaks into song, the other characters respond with "is she really doing this?"
It's awesome. It's cute. And, I'm pretty sure it's giving me a window into recovering from negative attitudes toward cuteness.


  1. I think over the years too many things have been described as cute so I hated the description. I didn't use it for a long time I think because of that. It just seemed like once you described something as cute you fit into some mold. I've been breaking myself of that. I can't remember the last thing I said was cute but I did fairly recently. Too bad my memory sucks or this comment would have been better.

  2. you haven't been cute in years.

  3. (This is Brie.)

    Colleen- that's kind of what I'm talking about. It has always been negative go me.
    Anonymous - That was kind of the point...