07 June, 2011

News & Such

Homosexuality, Zombies, and the CDC - You know, of late, the CDC has been restoring my faith in government organizations that don't suck. They provide useful and engaging information a lot of the time, and presenting disaster preparedness from a Zombie prevention point of view, while it's not new, is a brilliant idea. It's also good to see that their response to the higher rate of risky behavior in homosexual teens is not because there's something "wrong" with them, but because of their environment.  
Weiner's Weiner - I cannot even tell you how tired I am about seeing this in the news. For me, it's a big case of yup, he's human, and a little stupid, but just punish him and leave it. All it's doing is causing more people to have less respect for our government - and it's not unwarranted.
No big surprise - Katie Couric wants to be the next Oprah. Yet another show that I won't be watching. I never liked Oprah's show and I didn't particularly like Oprah the person, so considering I don't really care about Couric, I don't think I'll have particular leanings to watching her show. I'll stick with Ellen, thanks.
Gaddafi & NATOIsraelSyria - I will be the first to admit that I have completely lost track of everything going on in other countries involving revolts, revolutions, protests and politics. I do know enough to say that this is a big deal, and I just want what is best for the people in the countries that are in uproar. I don't know what is the best for them, but I can hope that they will find it and that fewer lives will be lost over the next few months.
There have been a lot of natural disasters lately that I can't comment on in detail, including the tornados all through the US, the volcano in Chile and just so many other things - the most I can say is that my thoughts truly are with these people, and I am hoping that everything can be recovered.
Entertainment Junk:
Expect to see reviews (brief ones) of Thor, X-Men: First Class, and Easy A upcoming. Plus, an excerpt from the story I'm working on.
So, as far as personal news goes, I have 17 days until vacation and I recently became the aunt to yet another small being. My brother & his wife had a little boy a couple days ago, and he is small and looks like an old man, as expected. Had a lot of fun visiting friends and family lately, but I'm definitely feeling the wipe-out that comes with a busy schedule. School is hectic and I wish I had less trouble with tests.
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