18 January, 2011

Who's that gal?

It's like I never knew.

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time at home, and then I recently took a vacation day to (I kid not) clean my house for an event. I really, honestly enjoyed being at home so much. Every minute I was at home, even if I was thinking about day job, working on PR, whatever, I felt so much better than I do normal days.

A lot of it is that I prefer to be alone or just with small groups, and being surrounded by hundreds of people every day can be overwhelming for me. It's just so nice to have the time to do things I need to do, at my pace, without so many distractions. To be away from bad light and ambient noise. 

Some of it, though, was that I was still moving past some things, and I liked having the time to process emotional damage without interference. One of the most important things was that I got things done - I cleaned a lot on that day off. I got to work through laundry at my own pace, which was good. I felt accomplished - a rare occurrence.

I am looking at a big year, and my world has changed again. I like the changes, even though I'm afraid of some of them. Finishing school will be great, especially after a busy summer. Beyond that lies the anxious decisions of going back to school or not, trying to figure out if it's really worth it, and if so, why it would be worth it, and what I'm going to do in school.
Work is full of major project completion, a continuation of a position in NAYGN I actually thought I'd be leaving behind (not entirely a bad thing, but it's got a bundle of complications), and a difficult future for my personal projects. Lack of funding, and lack of interest from other parties, can lead to a pretty rapid end to years of hard work.
PR looks like a busy year. The empowerment summit, more training for the new products, and I'm hoping lots of parties. I'm trying to be positive, but it's very difficult to be some days.

I just feel like I'm taking a deep breath, preparing for a plunge. 


  1. Vacation days like that are the best.

  2. Yeah, I wish I had more vacation, to be honest! It's nice to get a break like that to do other constructive things.