04 January, 2011

Countdown - vows?

I have, presently, a countdown to my birthday and our five-year anniversary. 
30 days to my birthday. 57 days to our anniversary. yay!

I've been thinking about TGW and I renewing our vows this year (with like, people there).
There are a lot of reasons for this. One, holy crap! Five years! I am so excited about that. Two, it's something special to me. Three, two people who were involved directly in our ceremony were relationships that either fell to the wayside OR turned out to be complete lies. That sits badly with me. It's one thing to have a relationship that just faded away. It's another thing to have someone in my wedding who hated me and lied and pretended. I know it doesn't change TGW and I's relationship, and I know it doesn't make our love any less strong, but part of me wants to reboot. I want to erase the people who lied to me and TGW, and I want to remove them from all parts of our life. 

It would be nice to have it. Just something small. I can barely remember the wedding - I think that's how a lot of people feel when it's such a crazy hectic event. I'd like to feel like it is entirely wholesome, though. I want to feel it again. 

It's a dumb idea, to be truthful. But, I think about it a lot these days.


  1. I can take pictures for you (if you want)

  2. That would be cool. I'd want you to be a part of it in some way, for sure. :) I'm still trying to figure out whether we'll do it, and if so, when, but it really is something I've been thinking about for a while, and now the idea is even stronger after all the recent drama.