24 August, 2010


I keep starting blog posts then deleting them, over and over. I can't quite put down what I want to say.

I'm waiting on a lot of things right now. I hate waiting. I am not patient. I like to know the answers to my questions, no waffling, and I like to know them as soon as I ask, or before I have to ask.
Waiting is stupid. 

We are in a society of immediacy. There should be no wait-and-see. We have the technology to send incredible amounts of detailed information across the world within seconds. I can communicate with people in Tokyo via e-mail and manage to complete tasks without any interruption. I can video chat with people in Australia.

Why is it so hard to make simple decisions?
Why is bureaucracy so cumbersome? 

I hate seeing easy choices get delayed. Even in my business classes, when they give us business problems that need solutions, they sound so complicated when in fact, they are just simple decisions.

It all comes down to one answer: Do what is right.

How freakin' hard is that? Why is it so hard to determine what is right? There are morally objective responses to so many questions. There are very few questions complex enough, these days, to have to discuss for longer than a day with a sleep-on-it period. No answer should be delayed longer than a week except those complex questions.

I should not have to wait a month for the answer to a yes or no question. Maybe is not acceptable most of the time. 

If you're dealing with something moderately complex - issues of heavy morality, life and death, those sort of things - there are a few things to do to simplify the problem. 

  • Use historical basis. Has someone answered this problem before? Did their answer work? How did they come to their conclusions?
  • Use logic. It's easier than it sounds. There is an equal and opposite reaction to every action, right? People's reactions can be just as simple as physics. If you push, then they'll move or push back. It's not that complicated.
  • Research. A quick review of the facts can give you a much more clear idea of what problem you're actually facing. What might seem like a difficult personnel decision - don't hurt people's feelings, don't risk changing, etc. - could be simplified to picking the most qualified person with the most compatible personality. Ignore the emo crap that comes with people being refused or passed over. It sucks, but if you explain why - and explain honestly, none of the hedgy bullshit - they'll be able to accept it and move forward.
  • Move forward. You have to have a plan for after the solution is implemented. You have to be strong enough to deal with the fallout of any decision, whether you make the right one or the wrong one. Accept the bad with the good. That is the responsibility of anyone giving an answer.
  • Go with your gut. It might seem like the right answer, but if you go over the answer in your head and it just doesn't feel right, don't be afraid to re-evaluate and judge based on how you feel. Just trace the feelings back to the facts, that's all. 

Answer questions. Answer them promptly and honestly. Trust yourself, or no one else will.


  1. You have written multiple times that you start blog posts and then delete them. I have never once done that. Sometimes I post things nobody cares about but I like all the info...

  2. Well, sometimes I feel too whiny or I'm talking about something that might make people angry, or it's something too personal.