29 July, 2010

What I Like

I had a really, really good evening to balance off my crap week. I have an itching feeling it will turn right back to blah crap boo, but until that point, I'm going to try to be happy.

Sal at Already Pretty  has a great post today about how to celebrate your "today-body". What an awesome term! I love that, because some days, I forget to try to love my body, and that really is a focus for me. I'm not really happy with it most of the time, but I am trying. One of the suggestions in the post is to list your five favorite things about your body, so I'm going to try that today.

1) Boobs. I'll probably receive some hiss-and-spit for this, but I do really like my breasts and I'm pretty damn proud of them. They're bigger but not huge, and still perky enough even with their size that I feel comfortable wearing no bra at home sometimes. THAT is awesome. And they're improving daily as a result of pushups and weight lifting.

2) Butt. Man, I know that it's a little round and it probably looks awful naked, but I don't see that. I see it in clothes most of the time, and I think it's awesome, and that it gets better every day that I work out. I have a great butt. :)

3) Eyes. My eyes are super light sensitive and the same color as a baby's. They're just a pure, plain blue. They're shaped nicely and I have healthy eyes (incredibly so) aside from my nearsightedness and light sensitivity. I like my glasses and I'm glad that I can see, even though I have "bad" vision. It can make the world more exciting some days.

4) Eyebrows. Even though I have to wrangle them with tweezing and I've gotten them waxed, the shape of my eyebrows and thickness of them is pretty great. Well balanced, and I have a great arch. I have had many people compliment my eyebrows more than any other part of my body because they're just nice looking. I like that, because they frame my #3 favorite well.

5) Calves. I love my calves. I always have. Even when I gained weight, they kept shape more than the rest of me, and now that I'm walking and exercising again, they are freaking ROCKS. My calves have suffered the worst of my fibromyalgia pain - they cramp and burn and ache all the time. My right calf even got torn because of the steroids I was taking in fall 2007. I still love them though, because they always come back, and they're one of the features I've always liked about my body.

6) I tossed one extra in for good measure! My biceps. I used to love my arms overall, but since gaining weight, I hate my triceps and my shoulders have extra weight on them. However, since I started working out again, my biceps did what they do naturally - they bulked up and got so much stronger so quickly. They're hard muscles, and they have a good shape to them. I love flexing the muscle and holding my arms and just feeling how much strength I have in them. I am hoping that eventually the rest of my arms will look just as good and then my body will look about 50% better, because nice arms look fantastic. 

So that's my list!

I feel egotistical posting this, but it REALLY made me feel good to say this. I think that's amazing. 

Thanks Sal!

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  1. It is good to have a nice happy post every once in awhile. I did a post based on Sally's same post and I took it the wrong way and wrote 5 things I dislike too.