19 March, 2010

How can I tell you how awesome I am when I don't think I'm awesome?

It is end of fiscal year time at my job, and with that comes end of performance period reviews. Yikes.

I am, to be frank, really bad at performance reviews. The meetings make me ill - seriously, I get sick every time - I panic when they close the door, and I've cried a time or two. I also really have a tough time at the start. Setting objectives for a job without many metrics is difficult, it really is. How can you say that you did a good job at ordering office supplies and helping engineers with tech issues? Seriously. How can I measure that?

Every time I have a performance review - mid year, end of year, whatever, I know I have to prepare this long explanation of how I did my job well. Better than well! And I have no idea how to do so.

How do you tell someone you're awesome when even though you know you met or exceeded expectations, you feel guilty for feeling like you did a good job?


  1. I have no idea.

    people who suck tend to say they are awesome and then managers think they are awesome. People who are good, think they could be better and then describe how they weren't as awesome as they could be and then the manager thinks they aren't awesome.

    I wish I knew how to fix this myself.

  2. It's kind of incredibly frustrating. :(