14 March, 2010

Damn. Star Trek'd again.

A couple weeks (like a month or something, I don't know, I lost my calendar and don't click into my google one unless it yells at me) ago, my husband had the brilliant idea to foist Star Trek: Deep Space 9 on me. He puts it on the TV. No warning. No "Hey do you want to watch?" Nope. It's just there.

That's just fine for HIM. He was PREPARED.

I, obvs., was not.

And now, apparently, I have a thing for Major Kira and don't hate Ferengis anymore.
I still hate Sisko.

So, thus far we've watched about 2 seasons or something. I've gotten to experience hating Kardashians (and they will always be that, I swear to google, because they don't deserve an actual name attributed to anything but big celebrity asses), thinking that Kira is hotness cubed (and that the Bajorans have WAY more fashion sense than Starfleet), and being infinitely creeped out by Sisko's OMG HAPPY FACE!!1.

I am still the biggest Picard fangirl of all time, but I do think that a lot of the characters on this show have a good chance of becoming favorites. I like Kira a lot, and Dax is... tolerable, if you ignore her fucking terrible hair. O'Brian is the shit and I love him. I want to take him home and feed him potatoes. He is awesome.
Bashir is a stuck up twee who kind of annoys me but is still a good guy, I guess. I LOVE Quark and it's totally unreasonable. The actor is too charismatic. It's unfair.
Nog is really, really annoying but still I can't hate him. It makes me angry that I can't, because he's such a little twit, but he's cool. I like him better than "I'm a nice kid!" Jake. He suffers from Geordie syndrome to the worst degree.
Sisko, though. Dude. That man.

Sisko starts out as just kind of over-dramatic and kind of egotistical. I kind of hated him at first. And then... there was the flashback. That fucking flashback of doom. The clothes! The sleazy! The OO - OO Michael Jackson noises. Those crazy eyes will haunt me to the end of my life. He gets WAY WAY WAY too excited about things. He gets all eyes-open-wide-creepy-smile about things. I don't like that.
Also, half of his lines, even this far in the show, sound like he's going to molest the person he's speaking to AND the audience all at once. Ugh. I want to like the dude, I do, and sometimes there are brief moments where I'm like "Dude, he's kind of okay!" and then he screws it all up with some sort of creepy eyebrow raise smiley thing. He makes me skeeved. I can't help it.

TGW is reading over my shoulder chuckling because he thinks this is hilarious.
I totally thought Bashir was going to make out with dying O'Brian in this scene here with the Yoda Hair People.

Some of the scenes in the show suffer from OMG WE HAVE ALIENS WE SWEAR! but I'm kind of getting over it. That's what kept me from DS9 in the first place (as it was actually out and on TV when I was younger), because I hate that. I hate the Lookit Our Makeup scenes. They drag me down lykewhoa. It's like, seriously, character development, plot, show us it.

A few episodes have left me frustrated, but I think all in all, I'm kind of hooked, and I'm frankly quite annoyed about it, because now not only do I have to watch all of this, but I have to finish this before I commence the Watch All TNG Episodes plan.

Anywho. I'm turning into way too much of a Star Trek fangirl, and I blame TGW. He's ruining me.

Speaking of which, TGW has begun his own blog (of the art type variety) located here: http://thrice-a-week.blogspot.com/ Give him some love!

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