14 December, 2011

Are you succeeding?

Are you doing the absolute best you can with what you have?

If you want a job, have you done the most you can to get it? If you're unemployed, have you been willing to apply for jobs that make a little (or a lot) less, or that are outside of your typical expertise, or that might not be glamorous? 

If you wake up in the morning and go to work, and you hate it, do you stay in that place you hate? Have you looked at your options, and tried to see whether it was worth the mental and physical and emotional stresses, and if making a little extra money is worth it? 

Are your relationships as good as you want them to be? Do you see your friends and family often enough? Do you love spending time with your significant other - or enjoy the time with yourself, if you are not attached? Do you love yourself?

Do you feel like you're at your best? 

What is success? Is it happiness in your personal life? Good relationships? Self-love? Is it a good-paying job? Is it a job you enjoy, or at least one that doesn't cause you excess stress and sadness? 

I think it is all of the above, to varying degrees. What do you think?

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