11 September, 2011

The NEW 52 Reviews - Week 1 SPOILERS

I picked up a set of the DC Universe NEW 52 releases this past week, and damn am I excited. I have never been around for the inception of a comic universe 'boot of any kind, and I'm still relatively new to the comic book world (a superhero fan forever, but '88-'00 wasn't too kind to superheroes except for some cartoons and hit-or-miss films). Now I'm gearing up for a whole new world, and I can't wait.

For reference, I get my comics at Duncan's Comics in Perrysville. It's a book store, too, with a sweet collection of novels and he also has some figurines & such.

Let's go in alphabetical order, for ease.


I don't read a ton of Superman comics (I know! A sin!) but I do like the character. I particularly was excited to see Superman in denim and a t-shirt, and the art style in this issue reminds me a lot of the very old school comics I've skimmed. Four pages in, we get a pretty two-page spread of glowing-eyed Supes, and it made me happy. It looks good, it feels a little like red-Kryptonite Smallville-verse Clark Kent, except the good guy instead of the impulsive, potentially-bad guy. 

Page 9 just made me cheer. This is smirky, clever Superman - something I haven't seen much of in the somewhat grittier versions I've read (Kingdom Come, Red Sun). Past the ads halfway through, we get to see Clark Kent. He's wearing too-big of clothes, living in a low-rent apartment. I like it, because I never saw that side of Kent, I only saw Daily Planet Kent. I am not too big a fan of the looks of Jimmy Olsen, though, but that's one thing I think I can ignore if we pick up the next issue, which I'm still on the fence about with the big list of comics I know for sure I'll be getting.


I was hesitant about Batgirl because, although I loved Gail Simone's Birds of Prey series (which I just hit the last issue of, and it was awesome - more to come on that), I wasn't sure how I felt about going back in time and changing history to have Barbara Gordon as Batgirl post-Killing Joke. The general thing is that somehow she got through without being permanently paralyzed, it's three years later and she's moving out of her dad's place to be on her own and be Batgirl. And, for the most part, it's badass, and there are some flashbacks to Killing Joke that made me cringe. The main baddie is suitably creepy, and all of the bad guys are in general. 

I like seeing the recovery from Killing Joke, and Barbara is a great Batgirl, but I miss her as Oracle and I am hoping that we'll see more of the real emotional introspection like we saw in Birds of Prey in later episodes. But, I'll be picking it up for sure to find out. 


Oooh, shivers! I love Batman, mysteries, Gotham, and the Joker - and DETECTIVE COMICS delivers. The pure grit and violence of the first few pages  had me in the story and had my rapt attention. The art is dirty in the way I think it should be, with blood spatters and dirty faces. And it is a mystery - I like that. It's not just like the Joker's announcing what he's doing this time, and that's fun! It's tricky. 

The last panel just killed me. I am so excited, but also terrified, to see where this story goes. I recommend it 100%.


I picked up STATIC SHOCK for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which were: 1) younger hero, which always makes me excited, 2) Scott McDaniel worked on it - and while Scott is a friend, his work is gorgeous (good enough that I have a commissioned piece from him). It was worth it. It's very pretty, but it's got a lot of good substance to back it up, too. 

A warning for anyone who does pick this issue up - it's science heavy, but it's for a reason. Establishing Virgil as the bright guy he is and showing that he really knows his stuff is important, and Scott assured me that the future issues will be a little more accessible, but it is most definitely a comic for geeks and for people who want real immersion in the way the world is working around and with Static. 

I like Virgil, and I'm looking forward to learning more about him. I'll be picking up Issue #2 when it hits the shelves, because the last panel has me holding my breath!

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