16 May, 2011

Dealing with Changes - The Good and the Bad

My world is constantly changing.

I don't know of any time my life has stayed the same for longer than a few weeks. There's constantly changes, upheaval, adjustments, new responsibilities, new projects. It's never-ending. It's sometimes exhausting, and it wears on me. 

It's not that I don't understand the value of change, or that I don't like some of the changes. It's not that sometimes I don't change things on purpose. It's just that it can be tiring. It can be difficult to adjust. It can be frightening.

New changes for me include the many reorganizations, moves, relocations, reassignments and goodbyes I've been experiencing at day-job. It's like I can't hold onto a person for longer than a couple months, and then suddenly, they're gone. Any relationships I've worked hard to build seem like they just disappear in a cloud of smoke, because maintaining a relationship when someone moves to a new group or a new building and is suddenly overwhelmed with new responsibilities is hard.  

I also just got some great news, but news that means a lot of change and a lot more hard work - I got accepted to Penn State World Campus. I'm super excited, but wow. It's a big step for me - and a big financial burden, and something I'll need to constantly validate to my current day-job, because it seems like no one can understand how a business-type degree might help me in my business-type job. Baffling. It's something I want to do (I tell myself that repeatedly, so I don't lose faith in it, or myself), but it's terrifying, and I am still worried about paying for it. 

I'm working and going to school and working and trying to figure out my future. I know everyone else has to do it, too, but I feel like sometimes I'm a step behind getting it. 

What are some changes for you this month or coming up next month? How do you prepare yourself for them, and how do you deal with the consequences (good or bad)?

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