12 April, 2011

Guest Post: Q&A with Colleen from Scrap & Run

I met Colleen from Scrap and Run in real life a couple of years ago, and she is the person who started me back to being able to walk over a mile again. She has been an inspiration to me to keep my standards, push myself a little more each day, and to make an effort in improving my life. She is constantly improving, and excels at nearly everything she does. She is an active runner, blogger, professional, and she is the kind of person who will get shit done even if it takes everything she has.

Her blog is a fascinating window into her life - you will seldom find someone who is more willing to share everything about herself than Colleen. She shares daily outfit photos, stories, and charts and graphs that make my inner nerd squee. I hope you enjoy the Q&A, and that you'll take a minute to check out her blog, which has gone from just a few friendly followers to somewhere near 100 just recently. Colleen is a badass in her own geeky way, and I am so grateful to her for taking a few minutes out of her day to tell us a little about her blog. Thank you, Colleen!

1.) Describe yourself in three sentences.

(this one is hard)
I'm a 27-year-old female who takes her picture everyday not to show off her fashion but to document what she wears. I thoroughly enjoy running and exercise but at the same time love to eat some sour cream and onion potato chips or some Zebra Cakes. I love data and numbers so much that engineers at work even tell me I'm nerdy.

2.) What is your blog about, in essence?

My blog is about me. It's about my clothes, my pictures, my cat, my exercise, and my food.

3.) If you had to pick one reason why people should read your blog, what would it be?

I put it all out there. I write it if it's boring or if it's interesting. It is my life.

4.) What are your top three recommended blogs, and why?

The New Me - I like how Chrissy posts about everything in her life. She runs and wasn't a runner all her life. I relate to that even though I ran in high school. I was not good so it almost doesn't count. I like that she replies to comments and has a lot of dialog with her readers.
Ashley Getting Dressed - I like her outfits and I like her stories. I feel like I can relate to her. 
A Day in the Life - I love all the poses in her daily photos. I love that she sometimes has her 6 year old take her photos. I also like how her children model like they have their own fashion blogs  I like how Brittney is a runner. I love her outfits. I like the modesty to them all. 
5.) What is your favorite blog post you have ever written?

I can't decide between two of them.  Vanity Sizing and BodyMedia Fit calorie data
Vanity Sizing because research went into that and I wanted to express my thoughts (anger).
The calorie data because it is data, it took hours to put together, and a ton of people always ask me about my data. 

Thanks again, Colleen! Does anyone have any questions for Colleen about her blog, her life, or her style?


  1. Wow your intro was really touching. Thank you.

  2. You're welcome. It's true. :)