22 January, 2011

Rage Against Limited Profiles

I hate limited profiles. No, seriously. I hate them so much it's probably unreasonable. When someone adds me or accepts a friend request, and I go onto their (now available to me!) profile page and I realize that I can't access half of their information, it bugs me. It bugs me more and more as I try to communicate with the person. Why? Well, a few raesons.

I can understand limited profiles to an extent. Maybe if you add your boss on Facebook or something (but why? Why would you do this thing?). Maybe if it's someone you've only known over the internet (that I totally get - it's just sensible).
But if you know me in real life, or have met me multiple times, or even knew me intermittently over multiple years without being fast friends, why the hell will you only put me on a limited profile?

I don't DO limited profiles. I did it for a bit because of excessive drama on my Facebook, but my blog and twitter and Buzz were all still public. I figure - you spend about $15 and you can get virtually any information about me that you want. So, why waste your money? I'd rather you spend the money buying products I advertise - and with public profiles you can get that. The only reason my Facebook is friends only is for my family - and that's it. If they didn't have objections, I'd probably leave it open.

But I don't get the limited profiles otherwise. If you know me, why won't you let me know you? All it does is make me wonder if I should really trust you. It makes me feel like you're hiding something. It makes me feel like you're lying. And I really hate lying.

Do you have a limited profile? Why do you use it, if you do? If you don't have one, are you on my side of the argument, or is it just inconvenient to bother with it?


  1. I didn't know facebook could do limited profiles. I never looked into it. I put almost everything everywhere. I do upload my youtube vidoes and make it so you have to have the link to view it ONLY because other people are in the videos and I don't know if they want those up on the interwebs.

    Haley is all about private everything. She does not want an online presence so she'd probably have many reasons for a limited profile. I can't come up with any though.

  2. I like that you are as open about your stuff as I am. I agree on the not publicizing things that are of other people without their consent, but I don't really share much with other people.
    If people don't want an online presence, it's hard to do that without ever being online or by seriously wiping your profiles. If you're online even at all, it doesn't take much for people to find out about you (I know this from experience, unfortunately).