18 October, 2010

Which Witch is Which?

Oh, Halloween. 
It's my favorite time of year, my favorite holiday. I don't know why - some of it is the colors of leaves, the smell of the seasonal foods, the bright blue skies of October, the spooky nights and scary movies. Some of it is the candy, and it has a lot to do with the general feel of fall. If it could be fall all year long, I'd be happy. The feeling of pre-winter, but away from summer. The most perfect month.

One of my favorite things is the potential to dress up for Halloween. Well, sort of. It used to be. These days, it's a bundle of self-esteem issues wrapped in a tasty taco of tastelessness.

When you go to a costume store or look online for costumes for women, what do you find?
Micro minis. Low cut busts. Spaghetti straps. Hooker boots (okay, I love hooker boots).

Everything is a "sexy _____". You can't just be a superhero. Noooo. You have to be a SEXY superhero. You can't just be Cleopatra or a fairy. You have to be SEXY Cleopatra or SEXY fairies. 
It's stupid.
It's frustrating.
And most of all, it's pretty damn demeaning. I'd probably like them more if I were thinner, I'll give you that. But, I still think that it objectifies women more than necessary and it also depicts everything in a tasteless manner. These things are appropriate for bedroom costume parties, but not for out in public. 

Sometimes, there will be one that's super cute, and I try it on, and one of two things happens: either it fits great, I like it, and might buy it OR it's too small (when an XL is too small for a size 12/14, ur doin it wrong) or too slutty and I put it back.

Is it wrong to want a Halloween costume that covers more of my body? I mean, seriously. It's COLD in October! Halloween can get as low as freezing in Pittsburgh, and I don't want to literally experience "cold as a witch's tit", okay? Gimme something warm, or at least something that covers my sensitive bits!

I guess the problem is that I want to enjoy my favorite holiday INCLUDING what has previously been my favorite part, but I don't want to have to decide between $150 plus-size Medieval garb and $30 ho-bag skirts. Y'know?

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