25 October, 2010

Education, schmeducation

I'm really bothered by the title of this post because I can't figure out if that's how I should have spelled "schmeducation".


I am presently in school for an associates degree, for what I call "the lamest degree on the planet", which is Applied Sciences for Administrative Assistants. Dude. I am a loser. Okay, it's not that bad, but it's really boring. I have enjoyed maybe two of my required classes, and only one of my "electives", and that was Astronomy, which was a lucky fluke. 

I have to think about my future, though, right?
 The future where I'm going to...possibly not make anything more than I already do with a degree, and probably hate coming into work forever? I know that I will have to finish school to further my career and to do "what I want to do".


I don't know "what I want to do". I have no idea. So, a few things happened recently that I wanted to communicate and kind of toss around my mind about.

TGW got accepted to the Art Institute and will be taking online and offline classes starting in January. Yaaay! So excited for him and incredibly happy that he will get to learn more about something he loves AND now has a greater likelihood of working actively in his field. This means a lot to me to see it happen.

However, going to school means spending money. Supplies, software, and all. Plus, it means less time for us to spend together, especially when I have classes in evenings. We don't really have the extra cash to fund Art Institute education (even with the military's support) AND my courses, AND still have time together.

So, I made the decision (after months of deliberation) yesterday that I will not be returning to school this coming spring semester. The degree I am working on is not important to me, and I don't see a return on it any time in the near future. TGW getting his Bachelors within a reasonable amount of time is incredibly important to me. Having time with him while he's working on it is also very important to me.

Until I know what I want, and until I know we can do this with good financial standing, I'm stepping away from school. I'll finish this semester and keep an eye on things, and change my mind if there is a window where it works. I talked to my boss about it at work, and he understands, but he's encouraging me to continue getting education at work in place of the schooling.

It was such a difficult decision, just like deciding to go back to school was a difficult decision, but I feel that this is the right choice. 

So, that's that. I've been sitting on this for weeks. It's so good to finally say it.

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