03 March, 2010

I love you (To my husband, on our anniversary)

When people talk of "happily ever after"
and fairy tales,
They often forget the most important thing.
It's not all singing birds and hopping bunnies,
dancing in dresses,
and hanging onto an eternal spring.

Even when thunder roars and the waves
crash over and under,
there is still an end to the storm.
We can fight and yell and run away,
hide ourselves,
but still know we can come home to safe-and-warm.

Your smile brightens my entire life, every day,
even when I sometimes-
often - consider that maybe I should crush you.
It's just a struggle even though it's easy to love and hold and keep
loving and holding
and keep on wanting to find risque things to do.

I love you every day, and hate you just the same
for the little ways
you make me want to change.
You deal with my weird and my tastelessness
my oddities
my silliness and struggles and crying and strange.

What would I do without you? I don't know
and I don't want to,
I want to keep you and hold you from leaving.
I want to be with you forever and ever
and ever and ever
and EVER never letting you see my grieving

when you leave, and your smile is not here
when you're gone
and away from me to hold you down.
I never want to make you feel that way from
the things I do
I never want to make you grimace and frown.

You're my everything, baby. I'd be empty
without you.
I'm going to keep on loving you and you're going to like it,
because I don't let go easy and
I've got the
tentacles to prove I'm to a cephalopod alike.

I love you, and I'm never letting go. Hold on tight.


  1. Congratulations on getting, and holding, such a strong, fierce love. The energy/violence/beauty of your romance comes through clearly in this poem.

  2. Viv - Thank you so much. It's been a tumultuous but blessed four years, and I'm amazed by it every day.